Visual Arts Collective Group Meeting Minutes 8/30/2012

Carolyn Fuller – President

Brandi Hickman – Vice President

Grace King – Secretary/Treasurer


Allison Richter

Valerie Reilly

Sabine Fry

Karen Sammons

Lucas Cottom

Elaine Ford

Marie Hamby

Cindy Morgan

Betty Moss

Meril Hardy

Sean Burnley

Jeremiah Turner

Art Steel

Mary Anne Maslanka

JoAnn Harper

Domini Re-Darling


Treasurer’s Report and Membership Report

Publicity Suggestions




Work Schedule for September

September 7, Music in the Park & Family Night October 6, Locust Grove event

Old Business

Newspaper Ad

New Business


Events & Promotions

 What a great turnout of wonderful artists at this meeting. Thank you to everyone who came.

 Allison asked about insurance and selling liquor at VAC events. Locust Grove Downtown Development covers liability insurance for VAC and also has a liquor license that allows us to serve alcohol during events.

 Allison suggested we consider having a kids event September 7th for Music in the Park but have the hours earlier, maybe 6pm to 7pm.

 Brochures, we need the members to get their brochures done and in the display case in the gallery. Allison also needs everyone to give her contact information for the website: Name, VAC Position Held, Medium, e-mail, phone, website, social media used and best time to contact you. Send to allison@allisonrichterwildlifestudio.com

 Newsletter, once a month. There is a free service we can use to send them out. We need to set up a template and get some advertisers. Allison and Grace have volunteered to work on this.

 Carolyn has contacted the newspaper regarding the cost of an ad but has not heard back from them yet. She will be checking with Linda Hutchison about the timetable to have the train watching platform completed.

 Lucas brought some display cases he made that can be used to place in businesses to display VAC magnets for sale. He can get sheets of magnetic material to make the magnets which could bring the cost of a magnet to about one dollar. They could possibly sell for $10. Also, the cases can be used to display key chains. Businesses can sell the items, and we get the proceeds. He had three cases but if we need more he will need a space to work on to make them. Possibly he can use the gallery backroom.

 Aggie is going to have 220 put in the gallery so we can use the bigger air conditioner that Lucas is willing to donate. Timing is unknown.

 Indian Springs has a September 15th au plein air painting event. Carolyn will get fliers from them that we can distribute from our gallery and she will give them some of our fliers/brochures to distribute as well.

 Painted pumpkins sponsored by Henry Arts Alliance is October 19th at 7pm to 9pm in the McDonough library. Anyone wanting to paint a pumpkin will need to have them done by October 1st. They will then need to be delivered to Piedmont Hospital or given to Carolyn so she can take them. The pumpkins are required to be painted in a theme from a children’s book. It would be nice to have the book accompany the pumpkin but it’s acceptable to have a sign noting the name of the book go with the pumpkin. The pumpkins go on a tour of various local sites and eventually end up at the library where there is a big celebration by children where they get to parade through the library and make as much noise as they want.

 Keith Sweat’s Georgian Gallery is now located next to Grits, downtown McDonough. He does framing. We need to contact him to see if he’d like to become involved with the VAC.

 Breast Cancer Awareness will be having a painted glass event at the Tanger Outlet. There are 50 martini glasses that need to be painted and they are looking for artists to participate. Allison will put information for the event on our website. Also, in the future they will need artists to paint some piggy banks.

 The September Gallery schedule will be mailed out by Carolyn. Please sign up for a date and time to work at the gallery. We are trying new hours, Friday and Saturday nights from 5:30 to 9:30. Allison suggested we consider something tangible from VAC to give out to French Market customers as they are waiting for a table and hopefully visiting our gallery.

 We had the privilege of having some Hampton artists visit our meeting this month. They introduced themselves and we sincerely hope they will join us. We’d like to work jointly with them on some projects as well as have them display their art in our gallery. They meet the 2nd Saturday each month from 11am to 12:30 at the Speakeasy bookstore in Hampton. They have 12 to 15 members and have a website and Facebook page. Linda wants to do an Art in Unexpected Places event in Hampton at the old church and have a walk to the train station. This would be a great opportunity to work jointly with the Hampton artists.

 Elaine gave a report on happenings at McDonough Arts. List follows:

  1. Henry Players- Frankenstein   Aug. 30, 31    Sept. 6,7,8,9  (not kid friendly)
  2. Henry Co. Historical Photo Gathering    September 10-15 Image Doctor on McDonough Square  See info coming out soon.
  3. Painting for Autism   (Poppies w/ Jeff Hunter)  Sept. 3   9:00 and 1:00 sessions   Invitation Only   Contact Jea Gackowski                                                                            (jea@jeag.org)      $50   All proceeds to go to Autism Transition Services Contact  Pamela Mitchell – pmitchell3@gmail.com
  4. Painting on the Porch  (Monet’s Asters w/ Elaine Ford)   Sept. 23rd.  1:00   Contact Elaine Ford marela54@gmail.com  Price TBD


  5. Art in the Park  McDonough Arts/AutismTransition Services TBA Kids – Dabble w/ an artist Donations only- to benefit Autism Transition Services
  6. Scarecrow Exhibit in Locust Grove  (begins Oct. 1)  Main Street Event Contact Linda Hutchison at LHutchison@locustgrove-ga.gov
  7. Pumpkin Parade  (Begins Oct. 1 at Piedmont Hospital)   Henry County Library Contact Carolyn Fuller at cfuller310@yahoo.com
  8. Art in Unusual Places      October 13   1:00-4:00   CALL FOR ARTISTS  Contact Elaine Ford marela54@gmail.com
  9. Teen Expressions  Fashion Show   October 13  6:00 -9:00pm   at Merle Manders  $15 Contact Elyssa Green Teen Expressions elyssa@teenexpressions.org

At the end of the meeting Grace gave a short presentation about Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEOs). They can be in any medium and are always 2 ½ inches X 3 ½ inches. ATCs are meant to be traded with other artists and ACEOs are meant to be sold.

 Some names were assigned to specific areas of interest that the VAC wants to pursue.

  1. Kids Day in the Grove – Brandi and Sabine

  2. Presentations, Demonstrations, Lectures, Classes – Allison and Sean

  3. Gallery Walk Nights – Mary Anne and Linda Hutchison

  4. Interior Decorators of Henry County – Marie

  5. One Person Shows – Elaine

  6. Holiday events – All and Linda Hutchison

  7. Juried Shows – Allison has a contact that she can use to potentially get jurors. Christmas with the Arts is coming up and they accept 1 painting.

  8. Newsletter – Allison and Grace

 A big “thank you” to Brandi and Allison for painting the foyer. Looks much better. Also, “thank you” to Marie and Brandi for getting the curtains finished.  The curtains are up and they look fantastic. And “thank you” to Karen for getting us a flip board. It should come in very handy in our meetings.

 Another “thank you” to Allison for setting up our website. It can be viewed at



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