Henry County Arts Groups

Heritage Writers: http://www.heritagewriters.com

Henry County Players: http://www.henryplayers.com/

Henry County Dining

French Market: http://www.frenchmarkettavern.com/
Local Writers

PJ Renfroe – Books:

Inbound: Surprise, Wilcajo Jax, The Snaitlantann Conspiracy and Viper Blue 1 (Volume 1) Available through Amazon.

INBOUND, offers new exciting Science Fiction adventures. Beibe Bocondo Orion lands on Earth to investigate Earth’s people. Can an old Tech Physics Professor outsmart the greatest mind in the Universe? Ride with Wilacjo Jax as he seeks a way to escape from the Zaparudes and the King’s guards at the gates of the castle. Search for Black Jack Fighters with shy Dr. Jackson West on Snaitlantann as he fights genetically altered animals and does some strange things that even surprise jaded Admiral Morris. Crash land with ‘The Fox’ as he races to save the Admiral’s daughter and is chased by Froth Lizards and worse. . . All new, all exciting original strong characters and strange creatures. Some interact in all stories . . . a delightful read for all ages. Dare we say believable Sci-Fi?


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