Visual Arts Collective Group Meeting Minutes 9/27/2012

Brandi Hickman – Vice President
Grace King – Secretary/Treasurer

Allison Richter
Melissa Jackson
Joni Bowen
Karen Sammons
Lucas Cottom
Elaine Ford
Marie Hamby
Linda Hutchison
Betty Moss
Meril Hardy
Sean Burnley
Kathleen Billings
Lisa Cassell
Mary Anne Maslanka
Keith Sweat


Treasurer’s Report
Minutes / Old Business
Committee Reports
Gallery Scheduling
Hanging Committee
Keith Sweat, G Gallery Custom Framing
Allison Richter, Techniques for Packaging your art
New Business
Committee Meetings
Laptop & taking payments in the gallery
Artist of the Month

Another wonderful turnout of wonderful artists at this meeting and a very productive meeting. Thank you to everyone who came.

Gracie King officiated the meeting this month.  The Treasurer’s Report was presented.  The VAC shows a current balance of $280.48.  Next item was to go through the old minutes to get updates on the outstanding projects.

1.Newsletter – It is now being published monthly on the Monday before the monthly meeting.  Yea for Allison (and Gracie) for getting it put together
2.Newspaper ads – Linda was in attendance and she reminded us that she has budget to cover advertising under the Mainstreet Project.  All we have to do is let her know what and when we want to promote VAC through ads.
3.Lucas is ready to print artwork on magnets.  All the members need to do to participate is to e-mail him photos of their art.  His e-mail is lukecottom@gmail.com  Once we get some printed then we can start trying to get the display cases placed in some businesses.  Certainly we can put the first one in the Gallery.
4.Painted Pumpkins – Elaine brought her very cute and very funny “Antics” pumpkin.  It will be delivered to the hospital to start the tour.
5.Breast Cancer Awareness painted glasses – done
6.Gallery Schedule – A schedule was passed around and we had pretty good response.  There are still some open slots.
7.Scarecrow Exhibit – Elaine brought a wonderful scarecrow decked out as an artist.  It will be delivered to the Scarecrow Village on Monday, meantime it’s at the Gallery.
8.Art in Unusual Places – 10/13 plein air painting at the Nolan House, Heritage Park – Several artists volunteered to be there to paint.
9.Kids Day at the Grove – Tables donated by Karen will be set up in the Gallery on 10/6 for kids to make some art.  Keith offered some shop lights that could be put out on the sidewalk to illuminate outdoor painting and get attention for the gallery.  We need someone to pick up the lights and arrange for extension cords.
10.Gallery Walk Nights – Table this for now – There was no interest from French Market to participate
11.Interior Decorators of HC – Allison, Marie and Linda will be contacting local decorators to get participation then we can set a date.
12.One Person Shows – Elaine – we’ll table this for now, at least until January.  Artists should e-mail Elaine if they are interested in doing a show.
13.Holiday Events – December 1st.  We told Linda we definitely want a booth for the VAC where we can direct traffic to the Gallery.  We’ll have various artists at the gallery promoting and selling their work.  We also should have stuff for kids to do.  Perhaps a table out front for them to paint.  Keith Sweat offered to stretch us a big canvas that kids can add artwork to.
14.Juried Shows – Allison has found one volunteer juror.  She is looking for more so we can arrange some shows.  Target is spring for first show.
15.Christmas with the Arts – they will accept 2 paintings.  Last year’s cost was $25 for two paintings if VAC member, $35 is not a member.  Henry Arts Alliance is running the show.

Our special guest, Keith Sweat, presented lots of options for beautiful and professional framing.  He talked about the newest trends and brought plenty of samples to show us.  Very informative and interesting presentation.  In addition to his presentation, he left a number of frames in the storage room for the VAC members.  We’ll decide later how to share these.

Allison did a great presentation on how to professionally package your art when a customer buys it.  She had a very funny demonstration using cake!  Poor Joni got a bit of a surprise!!!  Brandi was much more fortunate!  She offered to show us how the backing on a painting should be done to look “finished” and give a customer the feeling of value for the money they spent.  Let her know you’d like to see one of her paintings finished in this way.

Allison and Gracie encouraged the artists to get together on any of the projects between monthly meetings.  The Gallery can be used as a meeting place.  The lock box is now in place.  If you have a need to know the code, contact Allison, Brandi, Carolyn or Gracie.

Karen Sammons offered to get us a used laptop for $50 which will be used to replace the memory.  We’ll have to figure out how we can connect to the internet at the Gallery.  Linda Hutchison may be able to help with that (she had left the meeting by the time this was discussed).  This laptop can be used to take customer payments so we can sell directly from the Gallery.   She is also getting us some folding chairs to go with the tables she’s already procured!  Thank you so much, Karen!

Finally we had a drawing to determine who will be October’s Artist of the Month.  The luck lady was Karen!!!  Look for her interview on our website and in next month’s newsletter.

Several artists brought paintings to switch out.

Thank you everyone for a good, productive meeting.  I hope it was enjoyable and informative to all who came.  And, thank you all for the interest and effort you are putting into making the VAC an organization that will bring art to the community and one that we all can be very proud of.


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