Visual Arts Collective Group Meeting Minutes 10/25/2012

Carolyn Fuller – President
Grace King – Secretary/Treasurer

Allison Richter
Joann Harper
Joe Murphy
Peggy Dewine
Cindy Morgan
Valerie Reilly
Sabine Fry
Marie Hamby
Rachel Porter
Kathleen Billings


Treasurer’s Report
Minutes / Old Business
New Business
Artist of the Month

Another good turnout of wonderful artists at this meeting and a very productive meeting. Thank you to everyone who came.

The VAC shows a current balance of $280.48.

Joann brought in some CD’s that we can use when we get a player and speakers.  Rachael suggested we may want to play Pandora when we get our laptop.

Karen has our laptop and is having it refurbished.

Carolyn reported that the person with whom she was going to discuss the gallery sign did not show up for their meeting.  She is still working on it.

Peggy suggested we may want to consider getting permission for a mural for the outside of the gallery.

Henry Arts Alliance Christmas with the Arts is coming up.  Carolyn will send out an announcement of exact dates, rules and entry forms.  VAC will be due a 15% commission for any sales made from the display.  Three judges are needed.  Peggy suggested Kelly Deuton.  Keith Sweat is also a possibility.  Allison has a candidate as well.  We need to get ribbons.  Sabine will check with Lynn McMeans to see how that is done.  Volunteers are needed to hang the paintings.

Membership dues paid to the VAC after October 1st will cover membership through 2013.  We are now collecting membership dues for 2013.

Joe Murphy will work with Mary Anne to do some classes at the gallery.  She is interested in having classes on Monday nights.  Brandi would like to have a class on Tuesday nights.  Sean is also interested.  Allison wants to have a class on social media for artists.  Peggy offered a class on book writing.  She has 3 children’s books illustrated by Bruce Baily.  Marie suggested story telling on some nights.  Allison can set up a sign -up form online for participation in the classes. Carolyn can get a projector for demos, presentations and classes.  She also has a laptop that can be used or we can use our new laptop when it is ready.

Betty and Joann are publishing a Christmas book.

Henry Arts Alliance is considering a Sip & Stroke event in the future.

Two of our members, Wendy Menard and Nan McGarity, are having some health problems.  If you know them, let them know you care and are thinking of them.

Locust Grove wants us to decorate the gallery for the holidays.  Carolyn will send out the details.  The decorations should be up by November 19th.

We are not getting enough traffic to change out the art on a regular schedule right now.  We’ll determine a schedule at a later date.

Peggy suggested we get photos of our artwork in the paper.  Carolyn suggested an article with a pullout section.

Colson Art Printing prints Allison’s giclee prints.  They are in Valdosta.

Peggy asked if she can legally make prints of a drawing her uncle left her.  Allison will check and let her know.

Peggy brought in a display case for books and prints.

Grace made a request for any supplies (in good condition) that are not wanted to be brought in for any other artists who may want or need them.  Persons working at the gallery may take home one of the supplies or one of the frames in the back storage room.

Elections for VAC officers will be held in January.  A nomination committee will be chosen at the November meeting.

Joe Murphy was a former member who has rejoined us.  We’re delighted to have him back.  We have a new member, Rachael Porter, who is only 17 but she produces some amazingly good and fun drawings.  She may work with Peggy to do illustrations for a book Peggy is working on.

The November schedule was passed around.  There are still a couple of open slots.  The gallery will be closed November 23 and 24 for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Our next meeting will be November 29.

Finally we had a drawing to determine who will be November’s Artist of the Month.  The luck lady was Joann!!!  Look for her interview on our website and in next month’s newsletter.

Thank you everyone for a good, productive meeting.  I hope it was enjoyable and informative to all who came.  And, thank you all for the interest and effort you are putting into making the VAC an organization that will bring art to the community and one that we all can be very proud of.


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