Visual Arts Collective Group Meeting Minutes 11/29/2012

Carolyn Fuller – President
Brandi Hickman – Vice President
Grace King – Secretary/Treasurer

Allison Richter
Peggy Dewine
Cindy Morgan
Valerie Reilly
Sabine Fry
Marie Hamby
Rachel Porter
Mary Anne Maslanka
Karen Sammons
Moria Fisher
Melissa Jackson
Joni Bowman
Elaine Ford


Treasurer’s Report
Minutes / Old Business
New Business

It was a short meeting this month due to Ladies Night in the Grove. Thank you to everyone who came.

The VAC shows a current balance of $446.48.

We have a new member Moira Fisher. Please welcome her when you see her.

We now have a CD player and some CD’s so there can be music in the gallery when it’s open.

We also now have a laptop. We are still working on getting PayPal and a WiFi connection.

Carolyn reported that she has all the information on getting a sign for the gallery. We approved Sean’s design and checked with Linda Hutchison. Linda will cover the cost for the permit (about $120). We may be able to get a grant to pay for the rest of the cost. (about $257).

Elaine Ford reported that she did some paintings for the Women’s Club in McDonough and they used her art to print on tote bags to raise money for the club. Elaine will also be giving a Christmas wreath class on the Look Salon Monday, December 3rd. The charge is $50 and includes all supplies.

Henry Arts Alliance Christmas with the Arts is over. Artists displaying there may pick up their paintings December 8th between 9am and 10am. A separate announcement of the show winners will be sent out.

Allison suggested we may be able to get a grant to cover wiring for heat and air conditioning in the gallery. It’s too cold in winter and too hot in summer the way it is now. We also may be able to negotiate spending money on the building in exchange for a firm commitment of occupancy.

Mary Anne suggested we have kids classes on a regular basis.

We had some ladies visit the gallery for Ladies Night and a great visit from “Maxine” with her witty sayings.

Membership dues paid to the VAC after October 1st will cover membership through 2013. We are now collecting membership dues for 2013.

The December/January schedule was passed around. There are still a couple of open slots. The gallery will be closed December 28 and 29. There will be no meeting in December. Our next meeting will be January 31st.

Allison is looking into setting up an online schedule to make it easier for people to sign up to work at the gallery and to see which slots are open.

Thank you everyone for a good, productive meeting. I hope it was enjoyable and informative to all who came. And, thank you all for the interest and effort you are putting into making the VAC an organization that will bring art to the community and one that we all can be very proud of.


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