Feature artist of the week

This week Brandi Hickman added a new piece to our Locust Grove gallery. Let’s just say how incredibly beautiful it is. We are lucky to have the new piece for the short amount of time it will be with the VAC before going to a collectors home. Brandi’s pieces move fast, so first come first serve. If you would like more information on Brandi’s piece and how to purchase be sure to read the following information:

Title: Autumn
Medium: Watercolor
Size: h- 20 x w- 16
Price: $1,280.00
Artwork is available for purchase through Brandi: brandihickman1@aol.com

“These trees are on my dads Golf Course in South Ga. My sister and I were riding around the Course and these were some of the trees that caught my eye, it was in Autumn. It’s funny to think the land that I grew up on is now an 18 hole golf course.”

Brandi Hickman "Autumn" watercolor on paper
Brandi Hickman “Autumn” watercolor on paper

Artist Bio

Hello Friends,

Its Brandi, I’m a contemporary impressionist painter.  I grew up in a small town in South Georgia. As long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting. I love to be outdoors and I think that plays a huge role on the subjects that I paint.

I started painting a series that I call “Celebrating Children”, it’s all about the wonderful things that we did, our children do and our grandchildren will do. They are Simple little things that we forget about or don’t pay much attention to.  For instance, dancing like no one’s looking or balancing on shadows or wishing on a dandelion. Those are the precious little things that we all can relate to.

I also love painting landscapes and still life’s. I take a landscape that is close to me and recreate it on canvas with my impression of the view that I see. I take lots of photos as a reference so that I can make sure that I am as accurate as possible with the proportions. The still life is a totally different scenario. I set up a still life in my studio and paint it with no need for photos.

My paintings have been accepted in many art competitions and won many awards. Painting in oils is one of my favorite mediums. I also enjoy painting in watercolor. Watercolor is the medium I turn to when I get frustrated with my oils and feel they are becoming too tightly done. Watercolor allows me to loosen my brushstrokes; it is a therapy for me. Then when I return to my oils I have a renewed frame of mind.

I love to paint in bold vivid colors. I paint with a knife and brush to get the texture that I want. The layers of color on the paintings add depth to the creation. “May the colors speak to you in volumes”…

Artfully Yours,
Brandi Laurel Hickman


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