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This week Karen Sammons has new works at our Locust Grove gallery. Karen is able to capture mood in her art with light. The light directs the viewer into beautiful land and seascapes as seen below. Be sure to check out her day lily with hyacinths. Karen makes great use of space. You can almost feel how delicate the petals are. Scoop up one of Karen’s pieces for your own enjoyment. Purchase information as follows:

Title: Daylily Delight
Medium: Watercolor
Price: $295.00
Size: h- 14 x w- 11
Artwork is available for purchase through Karen: ksammons@charter.net or 404-405-1956.

From the artist: “Many of my painting references, especially the flora’s, come from my mother-in-law’s garden.  She’s a wonderful gardener and has a seemingly endless variety of flowers planted around the family home place in Gray, Georgia.  While I like to explore many techniques, some of my watercolors like this one are created using multiple glazes of color to achieve a much deeper richness in the painting.   It’s a time consuming process, but it pays off in the end.   This lily had such wonderful lighting and the gracefulness of the withering bloom is my favorite part of the painting.”

Karen Sammons "Daylily Delight" 11 x 14 watercolor

Karen Sammons “Daylily Delight” 11 x 14 watercolor

– Gallery image information –
Daylily Delight – 11 x 14 watercolor $295
Tate Mountain Stream – 12 x 16 oil – sold
Ring Billed Gull – 22 x 15 watercolor – $375
Plantation Oak – 14 x 11 oil – $235
Sunlit Ferns – 11 x 14 oil – $235

Artist Bio

After a long business career in the office products industry, I was finally afforded an opportunity to pursue my lifelong love of art and began to paint in watercolors around 2001. Since then, I have expanded my medium choices into acrylic and oils. I am largely self-taught, although I have studied with several different artists in workshops throughout the area, and received local recognition for my work.

My watercolors portray rich deep colors by using many layers of a glazing technique. My oils give me an opportunity to paint in a looser, more impressionistic style. However, I am ever evolving, experimenting and constantly learning from all types of art, techniques and styles.

My love of nature, birds, the coastal areas and other beautiful places I’ve traveled is evident in my paintings and I hope they speak to you in the quiet ways that I feel.


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