November features JoAnn Harper interviewed by Grace King.  Thanks to both for the insights into another great artist’s work.

When did you first become interested in art and how long have you been painting?

I became interested in art as a child in elementary school and probably even before that time in my life.  I was always in charge of the bulletin board and art work for class events.  I remember I did a painting for our graduation ceremony to hang in the auditorium and I guess I was hooked on creative art from then on.

What inspires you to paint?

Inspirations come to me through nature. Blue sky, sparkling water, more beautiful than any diamond, and shapes in nature. I am and have always been in awe of Gods paint brush.  I am also inspired by reflective moods viewing my old photos, and happy memories.  I try to have a definite message in my paintings whether it be simple or serious.

What mediums do you use for your creations?
I love to paint in acrylic, water color and ink.  I am also very fond of collage.  I am always on the hunt for beautiful paper to incorporate in my collage work. I find myself versatile in style and methods. I love classical and modern and abstract.  I have a multiple personality when it comes to creating art.  I am not stuck in a niche I like it all.  Same with music.  I like classical, jazz, country and pop. Niches don’t exist in my creative world.

Where do you see yourself going with your art in the future?

In the future I find myself always painting.  Studying art history and being interested in the old masters and their secrets .  For example Monet’s palette was limited to basic colors but look at his painting and you see hundreds of colors. He painted in broken color in which your eye does the mixing as you step back and look.  Botticelli painted in Egg tempera which holds its integrity for centuries. Renoir always painted on a wet canvas. Art is interesting to me and every artist has a secret technique , you happen on it, it works and becomes part of the grand tool to be shared.

How can people see more of your art and purchase your paintings?

Some of my art work is on display and can be purchased at “Gallery in the Grove” Locust Grove ,Ga. and   “Van Go’s Studio” Covington, Ga.  and of course person to person .  With Love from me to you and a big Thanks.

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