This months newsletter features Karen Sammon’s interviewed by Grace King.  Thanks to both for the great article!

1) When did you first become interested in art and how long have you been painting?

I have always been interested in art but only dabbled around with it until about 11 years ago when I began to study watercolors in earnest.   I am largely self-taught, but I’ve taken several workshops and I love to study and read a great deal about various mediums and techniques.

2) What inspires you to paint?

Nature is my infinite inspiration for art.  I love everything in nature from woodland scenes, flora, birds, wildlife, skies, an interesting landscape, you name it.    I will never be able to paint everything I want to paint!   While nature provides most of my subject matter, I try not to limit myself to any particular niche.  I am willing to try just about any subject if it is interesting to me.

3) What mediums do you use for your creations?

I started with watercolors, and I’ve heard it said that watercolor is one of the hardest mediums to master.  Well, I don’t know if you can ever master watercolors.  I continue to learn every time I paint.  A couple of years ago I decided to venture into oils.  I had painted in oils many, many years ago, but had forgotten how much I loved it.    At this point I am experimenting with different oil techniques and I’m just trying to paint as much as possible.  But, every once in a while I crave the feel of watercolors mingling on the paper and I can’t resist the need to wet my watercolor brushes for a quick painting.  I think I will always love both.

4) Where do you see yourself going with your art in the future?

My art started out simply as a hobby, a guilty pleasure.  As I go forward, I am just beginning to market my art, and put my name out there to be known in the local and surrounding areas.  I am especially pleased to get to know and network with the other artists in the VAC.    Currently, I want to focus on oils for a while and build a solid collection of paintings.

5) How can people see more of your art and purchase your paintings?

For a short while, a few pieces can be seen on the VAC website at:  https://visualartistscollective.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/artist-of-the-week-2/
Anyone interested in purchasing one of my paintings can contact me at 404-405-1956 or e-mail me at ksammons@charter.net

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