We had a great meeting this past Thursday August 30, 2012. Lots of members came for a full house. We need more chairs for the next meeting, so remember byoc if you want a place to sit. For those would would like to view the minutes, Gracie has complied the happenings for the night:   View Minutes

Gracie presented her work on ACT & ACO. For those who would like an overview here’s the wrap up.

ACT – Artist Trading Cards

ACO – Art Card Editions or Originals

These cards are 2.5 x 3.5 cards created from any medium. Artist trading cards can be paper, canvas, metal, or anything that the artist can think up to create. Check out the wiki how on Artist trading cards.- View Wiki 

Grace King ATC

Grace King ATC

Gracie has tons of ideas and know how so be sure to catch up with her if you have any questions or would like to join in on creating cards for this winters festival to sell. Gracie’s cards will be available for purchase this December. If you would like to preview Gracie’s artistic style, please check out her website: Grace King Art

Elaine also brought many events through Henry County to the meeting. These are posted on the events page. Make sure to check them out and come out for some fun! View Events


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